The Beginning

So I will be starting a new lifestyle, and I will need to go through many changes on this new path. To hold myself accountable, I will keep track of information and progress here! Any tips, advice, or questions for me are welcomed! Here we go. 🙂

Currently, I am enrolled in a 30-day free trial of some workout base training classes at my gym. I had my first workout Thursday, and I made it through! It felt so good! I am so proud of myself so far.

My meal plan has been the same for the last 4 weeks:

2+ shakes/smoothies a day – high protein

1 meal of healthy protein and vegetables

Some fruits and veggies throughout the day as snacks

I started at 272 lbs and am now down to 264! I am feeling motivated and excited to see how my health, wellness, and attitude evolve throughout this change.

Stay tuned for a post about my favorite shake recipes!



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