This Week’s Avocados – I mean Meals

I did it.

I actually prepped my meals for the week. This doesn’t sound that impressive I guess, if all you read are those blogger posts about how they plan all of their meals for the next 3 months. Now me, I am a lazy-girl. However, I also love good food. So it is a struggle when I don’t want to prep food, but I also can’t handle the thought of not having food to take to work (I only had fruit with me the other day, all day, and it was horrible. I don’t know if I have ever been so hungry for some protein in my life).


So I did it. Honestly, it probably wont sound that great, but damn I am proud of myself. I now have a yogurt with fruit mixed in for every work day and a healthy protein.

Now the rest of this post is where you’re probably going to judge me. Heck, let’s get on with it.

So I have a new favorite food now: Avocado. Ohmygosh, I am suddenly in love with this strange green healthy thing. I want it on toast, and eggs, and meat, and everything. So I have been making turkey burgers with avocado, tomato, and onion. The onion’s I have been using are pretty strong, so that’s also great. 🙂


This time, I have this combination without the bread though, and I have it packed 4 different times (every work day for the rest of the week – I worked today and didn’t have food prepped.. I had spaghetti-o’s for breakfast). I feel ike you’re thinking “Rilley, you should change it up, you’ll get sick of it,” which I have to say, you’re probably right. I just get so excited when I find new things I like.

I figure this week its avocado burgers, next week it’s spinach. There is this amazing recipe for an avocado breakfast quesadilla I will need to share with you. Eventually I hope to learn more and more recipes to use healthy foods in. As always, the more you know, huh?

How do you like your avocado?



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